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New Timeline of Issues Running Ubuntu on Zephyrus G15

Zephyrus G15 Timeline

Curently, I run CachyOS on my Zephyrus G15 which, so far, passed with flying colors. In a few days, I will install Ubuntu 24.04 to test the improved battery life.

For approximately one year, Ubuntu served as the primary operating system for my Zephyrus G15 2021 gaming laptop. The device in question is a white model equipped with an NVIDIA 3080 8GB VRAM graphics card and 32 GB of RAM. During this period, Ubuntu performed admirably on the system; however, my curiosity was piqued after experiencing CachyOS on my Dell workstation. As a result, I became eager to assess whether my laptop could also handle this alternative operating system. Time will tell.

Arp 6, 2024

Fresh install of CachyOS, a performance-tuned Linux distribution that runs perfect on the ASUS Zephyrus G15 laptop.

Arp 7, 2024

Small update, no issues.
Since I am planning on keeping this install, I enabled trim. See CachyOS Wiki

Arp 8, 2024

Today’s update applied fine. Now, Gimp remembers my custom layout.

Arp 10, 2024

Just updated CachyOS. No issues.

Arp 15, 2024

I just installed MeloTTS in order to do text to speech conversion locally. The install went fine but I had to switch from Fish shell to ZSH to make miniconda3 work.
It’s unfortunate that CachyOS doesn’t default to ZSH.

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