Manjaro Linux A Performance Powerhouse On Par With Ubuntu

Manjaro Linux – A Performance Powerhouse on Par with Ubuntu

At, we’ve always been passionate about exploring the world of Linux distributions to find the perfect fit for our needs. After a three-year hiatus from Manjaro Linux, we decided it was time to revisit this popular distribution and see if it could become our go-to choice as a daily driver in one of our workstations. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the features that make Manjaro stand out from its competitors, particularly Ubuntu, and share our experiences with you.

A Fresh Look at Manjaro – Customization and Performance

After installing Manjaro on one of our workstations, we were immediately impressed by how quickly the system booted up and applications loaded. We chose to use Gnome as our desktop environment, and while some tweaks were necessary to achieve a visually appealing layout, the result was well worth the effort. The overall performance of Manjaro exceeded our expectations, with fast application load times that matched those of Ubuntu.

Manjaro linux gnome desktop screenshot
Screenshot of Manjaro Linux plus some tweaks

Software Compatibility – A Crucial Aspect for Us

One of the most important factors we consider when choosing a Linux distribution is software compatibility. We rely on specific tools like Automatic1111 and GPT4All in our work, so it was essential to ensure that these programs would run smoothly on Manjaro. To our delight, both applications performed flawlessly under Manjaro.

Pacman – The Unsung Hero of Manjaro Linux

One aspect of Manjaro that truly sets it apart from other distributions is its package manager, pacman. We found the process of installing and updating software to be much more streamlined compared to Ubuntu’s snap-based approach. With pacman, we experienced faster updates and fewer dependency issues, making our overall experience with Manjaro even more enjoyable.

Stress Testing – Putting Manjaro Through Its Paces

To fully evaluate the reliability of Manjaro as a potential daily driver, we decided to subject it to various stress tests over several weeks. We pushed its limits by running hundreds of AI text to image generation jobs while performing resource-intensive tasks. Throughout these trials, Manjaro held up admirably, demonstrating impressive stability and performance under pressure.

Conclusion – A Newfound Love for Manjaro Linux

After extensively testing Manjaro Linux over the past few weeks, we can confidently say that it has exceeded our expectations in every way. Its customization capabilities, software compatibility, pacman package manager, and impressive performance under stress have won us over. We’re thrilled to announce that Manjaro is now a strong contender for becoming one of our daily drivers here at

In conclusion, we believe that Manjaro Linux offers an unparalleled experience compared to other distributions like Ubuntu. Its unique blend of customization options, software compatibility, and efficient package management make it a truly exceptional choice for users seeking a reliable and powerful Linux operating system. We encourage you to give Manjaro a try and discover the incredible potential that this distribution has to offer.

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