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My Fedora Links

Updated on October 1, 2022
Here is my collection of current links which help me to fix and tweak all kinds of administration issues.

Post installation tweaks

  • Gnome Extensions
    Gnome, out of the box, isn’t useful to me. To fix, this, I add the following extensions:
  • Alphabetical Grid
  • Dash to Panel
  • asusctl (Zephyrus only)
  • Super Graphics Control (Zephyrus only)

I don’t mind using the default theme but change the icons to the beautiful Kora icon set. I also change the wallpaper as soon as possible so that my desktop looks something like this:

fedora transparent gnome terminal
Actual screenshot of my Fedora Gnome desktop with Kora icons

Then I add all the following software:

  • VS Codium
    sudo rpmkeys –import https://gitlab.com/paulcarroty/vscodium-deb-rpm-repo/-/raw/master/pub.gpg

    printf “[gitlab.com_paulcarroty_vscodium_repo]\nname=download.vscodium.com\nbaseurl=https://download.vscodium.com/rpms/\nenabled=1\ngpgcheck=1\nrepo_gpgcheck=1\ngpgkey=https://gitlab.com/paulcarroty/vscodium-deb-rpm-repo/-/raw/master/pub.gpg\nmetadata_expire=1h” | sudo tee -a /etc/yum.repos.d/vscodium.repo

    sudo dnf install codium
  • Gimp
    Gimp is my go-to editor for creating graphics content and can be added via Gnome Software.
  • Brave browser
    sudo dnf install dnf-plugins-core
    sudo dnf config-manager –add-repo https://brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com/x86_64/
    sudo rpm –import https://brave-browser-rpm-release.s3.brave.com/brave-core.asc
    sudo dnf install brave-browser
  • Blender
    In the world of 3D graphics, Blender needs no introduction. Depending on the state of the NVIDIA driver, sometimes Blender can just be installed via Gnome software and if not then I just use the Flatpak option to get EEVEE to see the GFX card.
  • FreeCAD
    I am a computer aided design technology specialist and use FreeCAD for precision models that get 3D printed via CURA. The install of FreeCAD and CURA is done via Gnome Software.

It never ceases to amaze me how much how much work can be done with a default Fedora Workstation 37 install and a handful of additional applications. Next comes that actual use of the software which is why I am listing tutorial links that have helped me.

Written Linux Tutorials

  • Getting started with virtualization
    This tutorial has all the information one needs to install and configure virtual machines on a Fedora or any Linux workstation. Although Gnome includes Boxes, installing QEMU and Virt Manager provides the best performance and allows us to fine-tune every machine.
  • How to Install LAMP Stack on Fedora 36
    This website helped me a great deal in setting up a local development environment. Having all of the commands in written from was much better than watching a YouTube video as I could quickly copy/paste the commands. Pradeep Kumar’s website has all kinds of other useful info as well.
  • How To Install LAMP Stack on Fedora 36 (different website)
    The LAMP stack is popular and every tutorial covers something in a different way. If the above link isn’t giving you the results you expect then try this one. It too is well written and while on that website, check out some of the other topics they cover.
  • MariaDB tutorial by Richard Peterson
    Ignore the Windows installation section and start reading (search for) from the “Working with Command Prompt” section onward.
  • Beginner MariaDB Articles
    Anyone working with PHP will need to know MariaDB and there is no better place than the official website. Kudos to the writers for doing such a fine job presenting the information.
  • Install and Configure phpMyAdmin on Fedora 36
    I host a local mirror of all of the WordPress sites that I administer. For WordPress developers, phpMyAdmin is a huge time-saver and this tutorial is all one needs to get it installed.
  • Lamp doesn’t let me install WordPress plugins
    Sometimes, a local WP install will not install themes or plugins. I have bookmarked this old solution because it still works. To save me time, the fix is adding this line to the wp-config.php
  • Spruce up the Nano text editor
    Fedora and openSUSE install the Nano editor by default. Speaking of default, out of the box, several of the good-to-have options are not enabled. This website has all the information needed to change that. I have made many changes to my nanorc and recommend that you do so as well.

Ruby Programming

  • Ruby For Beginners
    Published by Ruby Monstas from Berlin Germany and well worth consulting when getting started with Ruby.
  • The definitive Ruby tutorial for complete beginners
    Good Ruby programming tutorials are hard to find. This website is exceptionally well written and not only teaches the concept of programming but also shows tutorial makers how to write effective instructions.
  • Learn Ruby the Hard Way
    Although a companion website for the book, the author has done a fine job presenting new programmers with everything they need to know about Ruby.
  • Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch
    3.5 hours YouTube course that covers both, Ruby and Ruby on Rails. The reason why I like this course more than other ones is that is it presented by someone who has plenty of hands-on experience.
  • Most Common Ruby Array Methods
    I teach programming and some students have difficulty with arrays. This website does a fine job of covering arrays quickly and give those who need more practice a chance to catch up. If you are a beginning programmer and have difficulty working with loops then go back and revisit arrays. When learning, it is normal to repeat previous chapters so please take advantage of knowing that.
  • Learning Ruby: From Zero to Hero
    Want a one-page introduction to Ruby? This link provides just that. The author of that page doesn’t waist time with the who or why Ruby and instead, jumps right into teaching. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn how to program completes the exercises on this page several times and not just spend a few minutes soaking up the information. It is repetition that leads to success so take your time. We all did.

YouTube Video Links

  • Linux Server Administration
    I use Linux for 20+ years now and still grab something new from well-made videos like this one by NetShark. If you want to learn from someone who is proficient then this almost four hour long course is worth watching for sure.
  • Learn Ruby Programming in 3 hours
    Good and fresh Ruby tutorials are hard to find which is why I watched and bookmarked this three hour Ruby course by The Nerdy Dev.
  • Ruby from Scratch
    This is the introduction video to a Ruby course by Codemy School and presented by someone who knows what he is talking about.
  • Learn Ruby
    Another well-made website that guides novices towards programming. If any of the above links don’t click with you then try this one. The page features a layout that makes the lessons easy to access and the presentation is excellent.
  • Meet Jekyll – The Static Site Generator
    This YouTube video by Techno Tim taught me everything I needed to know to build websites with Jekyll.
  • YouTube: Rails vs JavaScript
    Don Felker explains clearly which one to use for your SaaS. Every project is different but his reasoning is solid and worth watching.
  • Create a web app with 4 lines of code
    A recent discovery is Andrew Courter’s YouTube channel which is one of the new ones that cover Ruby topics. I bookmarked it because of Andrew’s pleasant teaching style and hope that the link will be of value to others as well.

PHP YouTube Video Links

  • PHP For Beginners
    This 3+ hour crash course by Traversy Media was recently published and is sufficient for everyone who wants to learn PHP programming. To maximize learning, I also recommend to take this video course while consulting a good text book.
best book to learn php and mysql programming

If you are into books then I highly recommend the PHP & MYSQL book by Jon Duckett. Just look it up on Amazon and you will discover that this book has a perfect five-star rating.
Currently, amazon.ca sells it for CAN $54.00 and amazon.com sells if for only US $26.99
Please know that I am NOT an amazon affiliate and only provide the book links because I actually bought it recently. The reason I also recommend this book is because tutorials that get published on websites usually only cover some parts of a topic. All the links on this page provide enough information to get by but can’t match a 600 page book written by a professional author.

  • PHP Programming Language Tutorial – Full Course
    Usually I don’t post links from 2018 but with over three million views, Mike’s tutorial is a classic. Besides PHP, he also has a great Ruby tutorial and much more. Mike is a natural teacher and although the tutorial is a bit dated, the principals he teaches are valid for years to come.
  • Create A 5 Page Website With PHP 
    This is best tutorial I know about which clearly explains the concept of web design with PHP Includes, HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap 4. Although a bit dated (2019), the instructions are solid and must be understood as presented if static PHP pages are what a client wants.

Python YouTube Video Links

  • Python Crash Course for Beginners
    I hope that you noticed that I have quite a few Ruby programming links. If you watch this Python crash course video, you’ll hear the instructor say the magic phrase which so many programming tutorials use “If you have experience with another programming language”.
    I don’t know why they say that. If I click on a beginner video link, then it should be assumed that I don’t but ….
    Long story short. Ruby is an easy way to get into programming. Moving from Ruby to Python is much easier than starting Python from scratch.
  • Data Analytics and Visualization
    To me, seeing data is better than looking at a spreadsheet. Below is a plot of site impressions and clicks for fedorum.com. The data set was downloaded from the Google Search Console. It took only 16 lines of Python code to generate the graph.
    Additional notes on plotting more data points:
    ! Use “import matplotlib.pyplot as plt” instead of “import matplotlib as plt”
    – To invert the x axis data, use: plt.gca().invert_xaxis()
    – To rotate the x axis lables, use: plt.xticks(rotation = 45, fontsize=9)
    – To reduce the left/right margins, use: plt.tight_layout()
    – To reduce the y axis gap and start from zero, use: plt.ylim(ymin=0)
    – Press the disk icon to save an image of the plot. Lots of file format options! 🙂
python matplotlib google search console data import
Python Pandas graph showing CSV data imported from Google Search Console

JavaScript YouTube Video Links

  • JavaScript Complete Course For Beginners
    Just a bit over three hours, this well-structured course is the best one I have come across. There are many but the instructor who presents this course is exceptional.
  • JavaScript Crash Course 2022
    This one hour and 20 minutes crash course is worth watching. The instructor did a great job explaining the most important topics and has a clear voice. I highly recommend that those interested in JavaScript watch this video.

Blender 3D YouTube Video Links

  • Learning Blender
    This video tutorial is one of the few free Blender courses on YouTube. If 3D modeling is something that you are passionate about then you can get started right now with the help of this video and the free open-source Blender suite.

Do you have links that should be featured here?

Links to well-made tutorials are of great value to learners. I don’t google a lot because the setup here at Fedorum runs amazingly well. Still, sometimes I come across something that is worth bookmarking and every tutorial teaches me something that I didn’t already know.
If you have a link or links that should be featured on here then please leave a comment below that includes the URL. I will watch/read it and if it fits the list then I’m happy to add it. If you leave your name then I’ll credit you for the submission. 🙂

Please only submit tutorials which:

  • You have read or watched
  • Work as per the instructions
  • Were made in 2021 or 2022

Thank you!