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If you want to learn programming then start with PHP now

I wrote my first software program in the summer of 2005 and have been programming ever since. Once I understood the concept, I set a goal to one day create a programing course that is based practical examples which anyone can understand. Do you want to be a programmer?

Programming is the final computer skill to master. The key to becoming a programmer is finding a course or class that supplements the complex theory with simple examples and stories. Most instructors who teach programming are very smart but lack the ability to understand how beginners think. Because of that, many of those who start, drop out after watching just a few of the lessons.
If this is you then read on because our way of teaching is different.

Anyone can program

Once the concept is understood, programming is easy and with a little bit of practice, anyone can code. If you have the three things listed below then nothing stops you from becoming a programmer.

  • A computer
  • Internet access
  • Time

Do you know that you are already a programmer?

Programming means giving instructions that a computer can understand. All of us already give instructions but so far, they are for humans. Unlike humans, computers are dumb and need to be talked to in a specific language in order to “understand”. Hence they call it “a programming language“.

Your first programming language

If you have never programmed or given up previously then it’s best to begin with PHP programming. The PHP scripting language includes all concepts of programming and someone who can program in PHP can easily move on to other languages like Python or JavaScript.

Are you ready to take a two-minute sample lesson?

Our first two-minute lesson is based on three short stories that demonstrate and teach the concept of giving instructions.

Example Story 1 : A cup of camomile tea
Let’s assume that you have a tummy ache and want a cup of camomile tee. To get one, you simple ask your partner of many years “hey sunshine, could you fix me a cup of tee?”. She/he then asks which kind and once you answer “camomile”, you’ll get exactly what you asked for in about 15 minutes.
Your instructions were sufficient and the result is predictable.

Example Story 2
Story 2 is mostly the same as above except that instead of your wife/partner, your new neighbor happens to be visiting. She has never used your kitchen and doesn’t know where anything is. Because of that, you need to be very specific with your instructions. For if you are not, you won’t get what you want.

I’ll spare you the details but the take-away is that humans can understand us as long as we simply say what we want. Someone who is not so familiar with us will need a lot more explanations and they must be specific.

Story 3 : Let’s ask a robot for a cup of tee
Robots don’t care to be asked nicely and the only thing that matters is to give the instructions in the correct order. Please remember that as computer programs get executed from “top to bottom”.

  1. Go to the kitchen
  2. Open cupboard beside sink and take kettle
  3. Fill kettle with 0.5 liters of cold water
  4. Plug in kettle and wait until water is hot
  5. Take a coffee cup from the dishwasher
  6. Open top right drawer and take one camomile tea bag
  7. Hang tea bag into coffee cup
  8. Add hot water until cup is 90% full
  9. Wait for 10 minutes
  10. Serve me the cup of tee

Again, the above instructions are just an example to help us understand the concept of programming. Let’s recap.

When it comes to programming, instructions make all the difference. If the instructions are correct, the outcome will be predictable. The opposite is also true.

Now you understand what I meant by saying that you already know how to program. If you can give instructions, you can program. The rest is just spending time coding and learning from stories.

The first step is the hardest

The hardest part is preparing a computer (PC or laptop) that runs Fedora Linux. To help you with this step, has easy-to-follow instructions that show how to install the Fedora Linux operating system. A full installation takes about 30 minutes and after that, you have completed the hardest part of becoming a programmer.

Why Linux and not Windows?
Windows is becoming more and more of a surveillance system which is why I suggest Fedora Linux instead. If you want to learn programming then switching to Linux will make things a lot easier. We use Fedora for all of our web design, programing and graphics needs.

Are you ready to begin our free and easy-to-understand PHP programming course?
Reserve your spot now by leaving your (first) name and email address in the comment field below. No one can read what you post except the teacher who will confirm the start date with everyone who replies.

Groundbreaking natural programming method can teach anyone how to code.

Our Free Courses

  • Class 01: Install Fedora Workstation
    Prerequisites: None
    After finishing, you will know how to create a bootable USB stick with Rufus and install Fedora GNU/Linux on a computer.
  • Class 02: XAMP Web Server
    Prerequisites: F100
    Today’s computer programs run on a server. Unlike most instructors who suggest to rent a cheap cloud server, we do this right on our own computer for free.
    After completing this short course, you will have access to a working web server when ever you need it.
  • Class 11: PHP Programming 1
    Prerequisites: F110
    Nothing is more thrilling than to ask a computer something and get an instant answer to our question.
  • Class 12: PHP Programming 2
    Prerequisites: F210
    The more code you write, the more a program can do. Several real-life programs will deepen the concept of coding and enable you to write your own programs.
  • Class 31: HTML 5
    Prerequisites: None
    One of the advantages of learning PHP first is that we can run our programs right in the browser. PHP and HTML are a perfect combination but even if you don’t program, knowing HTML is a must.
  • Class 32: CSS
    Prerequisites: F310
    HTML, by itself, is plain and boring. To spice things up, we can take advantage of cascading style sheets.
    If you know PHP, HTML and CSS then you can develop professional software and make a career as a programmer.

BONUS! All of the above courses come with plenty of practical stories that help learners understand the concept behind the method.

programming course instructor

About the teacher
Ernst used to live in Edmonton where he worked as a music teacher and web designer. Since moving to Vancouver, he develops music software for the Little Composers School of Music and Composition. Check out Ernst’s LinkedIn profile for more information.

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  1. I use Fedora Linux since 9 Years (I am 22 right now). Yes this was my first OS I installed on my own.
    I’m glad to see this website and I am interesting in learning.

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