how to transfer photos from pixel 6 to a linux pc

How to transfer photos from Pixel 6 to a Linux PC

Google blocks transferring photos from a Pixel 6 to a USB stick. The good news is that Linux can still access the files without uploading them first to Google Drive. To demonstrate, I use my Zephyrus laptop running Fedora 36. The instructions will also work with Fedora Silverblue.

Here is everything we need to transfer pictures from the Pixel 6 to a Linux computer running Fedora 36.

  • Pixel 6
  • Included USB C cable
  • Computer running Fedora 36
how to transfer photos from pixel 6 to a linux pc
How to transfer photos from Pixel 6 with Fedora Linux

To get started, connect the Pixel 6 to the computer. To do so, I plug the white USB C cable into the Zephyrus’s USB C port. If your computer does not have a USB C port then an adapter from amazon is needed. They are inexpensive and cost around 10 to 15 Dollars.

With the USB C cable connected, swipe down from the top to reveal “Charging this device via USB”. Right below that, tap on “Tap for more options“.

Gnome Files can access Pixel 6 internal storage

Under “Use USB for”, select “File Transfer/Android Auto“. That’s it.
Next, open Fedora’s file browser and click on Pixel 6. Almost instantly, you should see an icon in the content pane. Click on it to reveal the directory structure of the Pixel 6.

pixel 6 USB photo transfer
Gnome Files access Pixel 6 internal storage

Now click on DCIM > Camera and voila, the photos can be transferred after all. To do so, select them, right-click and chose copy. Then go to your backup location, make a new folder, right-click and select paste. Depending on how many photos you have to back up, this should only take a few seconds.

All in all, the Pixel 6 is a good phone for Linux users. Google permits us to unlock the boot loader and install a different operating system. On the other hand, they seem to have gone out of their way to force uploading pictures to their drive first. I miss the good old days when analyzing our email was satisfying to them. Now they need to know what we photograph.

It would be nice if Android 12 or the next version would just give us access to a connected USB stick. My previous HUAWEI phone made backing up photos easy and connecting a USB stick just worked. Then again, performing the above steps is simple enough. As long as we remember to check the File Transfer Android Auto list option, it will work.


I bought the Pixel 6 because of Josh’s review of GrapheneOS which seems to be a perfect fit for the Pixel 6. As soon as I have some free time, I will install GrapheneOS and follow the above instructions. If transferring photos does not work when using GrapheneOS then I will update this post.

Are you able to transfer photos from the Pixel 6 to a USB C stick? If so please share your method because most of us don’t have access to a computer while on vacation. Thank you for reading.

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