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OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is a rolling release distribution that provides users with the latest software updates and features as they become available. One notable advantage of OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is YAST (Yet another Setup Tool), which simplifies various administrative tasks such as software management, hardware configuration, and user account setup. Additionally, its rolling release model ensures users always have access to the latest software updates without needing major upgrades or migrations.

Quick Fixes

How to install a new icon theme properly

To install a new icon theme systemwide, extract the icon theme in your Download directory and then open a terminal in that directory.
For this example, we use the impressive Kora icons.
After downloading the Kora icon theme, extract the .zip file and open the new directory. Again, continue to the next directory (nested folders) until you see three Kora* directories. Open a terminal in that directory and type:

*If you chose Kora icons, then make sure to move all 3 directories.

opensuse tumbleweed how to install new icon theme
Make sure that you move all 3 directories

How to enable the webp image format

Webp is quickly gaining popularity, especially if you are working in web design. To enable webp support in OpenSUSE enter this command in the terminal:

There is no need to log out as the new format will be recognized as soon as the above command runs.

TimeShift error *crontab

A customer requested that we install OpenSuse Tumbleweed with the ext4 filesystem (not BTRFS) as he prefers to use TimeShift to restore the system “if needed”. Starting TimeShift for the first time generates and error about missing *crontab. To fix this, issue the following command in the terminal:

Once the install has finished, TimeShift will function as expected.

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