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where to download fedora updated latest ido image

How to download the latest Fedora ISO with all the updates

Download an updated Fedora 36 ISO

This post explains how to download an updated Fedora ISO image which includes the latest updates. To get a more recent Fedora 36 ISO, head over to https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/live-respins

Quick Link
Latest Fedora ISO (as of 2022-09-30): https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/live-respins/
Get the F36-WORK-x86_64-LIVE-20221014.iso if you want the original Workstation with Gnome desktop.

Once there, select the F36-WORK-x86_64-LIVE-20221014.iso and don’t forget to check the authenticity.

NEVER download and install anything that does not include a verification method.
Without verification, the ISO could have been tampered with.

How to verify if an ISO file has been tampered with

  1. Download the ISO image file into the Downloads directory
  2. Grab the CHECKSUM512-20220901 (see image below)
where to download fedora updated latest ido image
The last option at the bottom of the list is the checksum512 file

After the download has completed, open the terminal in the Download directory and type this command:
sha512sum F36-WORK-x86_64-LIVE-20220901.iso (and press ENTER)

A few seconds later, you will get the following information:
d8f421b4fac14f4bef36dc131b6430590c313d69800821e0dc2c633ac9f5437311b209be9015ea8a8b08535807e7e55d2f28727f30dbda278e52dd8231403243 F36-WORK-x86_64-LIVE-20220901.iso

Pay close attention to the text string which I highlighted in red. It MUST match the CHECKSUM512-20220901 file. If it does not match, then do not install this ISO.

Here are two methods to make this step easier.

First, you can just use Gnome Text and copy paste the string as a new line. Then copy paste the string you got when running the sha512sum command in the terminal right below it.
This makes the comparison somewhat simpler because the characters line up on top of each other.

A slightly fancier way is to use Python.
Open a terminal and type python (which will load the python interpreter.
Then make two variables like so:
i = “copy / paste the first string here
t = “copy / paste the second string here
print(i == t)

If you copied and pasted the two checksum strings correctly, Python will return True after the print function runs. If you get False then check what you copied and try again because Checksum mismatches are rare.
Leave a comment/question below if you need more info.

Did you try the above Python snipped and like it? If you are not a programmer but would like to learn more about developing your own software then check out my FREE upcoming coding course.

I have downloaded and installed Linux for over 20 years now and never got a tainted ISO image. When I received an error then it was based on the fact that I downloaded the wrong checksum file.

Once you have verified the authenticity of the ISO file, then it’s time to install Fedora on your computer

Enjoy your new Fedora 36 ISO file and remember to check the release date. The above screenshot is as of today and will most likely not update because Fedora 37 is being released soon.
If you have questions then fire way. I am always happy to provide more information.
Thank you for reading.

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