how to connect external usb keyboard and mouse to Pixel 6

How to connect external USB keyboard and mouse to a Pixel 6

Do you want to type 60 words or more per second on your Pixel 6?

This blog post is about connecting an external mouse and keyboard to a Google Pixel 6 running Android 12. You need to following items to follow along.

  • Google Pixel 6
  • USB hub
  • USB keyboard
  • USB mouse

None of the devices mentioned in this blog post are sponsored and is not benefiting in any way from using these specific brands. It is just what we happen to have and test on. Feel free to substitute any of the peripherals with your own choice.

how to connect external usb keyboard and mouse to Pixel 6
Connect USB keyboard and mouse to Google Pixel 6 with USB 3 hub

If you don’t have a USB hub then I recommend the Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub from

How to hook up everything

connect Pixel 6 USB C adapter to USB hub
Pixel 6 USB C adapter and USB 3 hub

The image shows how to connect the USB hub to the Pixel 6 via the included adapter. Next, plug the mouse and keyboard into the USB hub. By now, you can see a mouse cursor which moves as you move the mouse. Try clicking on the web browser icon to load Chrome. When Chrome opens, double-click the mouse in the URL field and type in any domain name with the keyboard.

Everything works without additional configuration as long as you connect everything as shown. With the connections completed, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of using a mouse and keyboard with the Pixel 6

Sometimes, inspiration strikes when we are on the go. Typing on the built-in keyboard is not practical when writing longer articles. For such tasks, an actual keyboard will make typing enjoyable. The same goes for using a mouse to navigate as it is much more precise than the touch display. Once I used the mouse and keyboard for a few days, the minimalist setup grew on me.

If you are in the marked for a TKL 60% then check the Yunzii SK 61 which works amazingly well with Fedora Linux.

Disadvantages of plugging external devices into a Pixel 6

connect usb mouse to Google Pixel 6
Connect a USB mouse to Google Pixel 6

Having a real mouse and keyboard available is quite handy, but it comes at a cost. First there are space requirements. Using the Pixel 6 as a handheld device is ideal but this changes when a keyboard and mouse are connected. Using the Pixel 6 with external devices requires the use of a desk, or it won’t be practical.

Besides the increased space, connected peripherals also draw additional power from the phone’s battery. I will test this some more and when I have an accurate value, I will update this post. Pixels built-in battery is pretty good but connecting a backlit keyboard and gaming mouse surely has an impact.

Use the audio recorder transcribe feature
TIP! There is another way to use the Pixel 6 for writing. The included audio recorder has a feature which transcribes what ever we speak into the microphone. Depending on the content we create, this might be a much better option. This way, the text can get emailed or transferred to the computer where the actual editing happens.

Final thoughts about the Pixel 6

For Linux users, the Google Pixel 6 offers the best hardware. Amazingly, Google allows for the bootloader to be unlocked which means that we can install any operating system we want to. The camera is great and although not intuitive, there is a way to back up the photos to a computer running Fedora Linux.

After watching some YouTube videos, I am tempted to install GrapheneOS. For now tough I am happy to use the Pixel 6 for creating content on the go. Being able to connect an external USB keyboard and mouse surely will come in handy since I write a lot.

Because of security reasons, we don’t use Bluetooth devices here at Fedorum, so I can not test that setup. Are you using your Pixel 6 for writing blog posts or programming? If yes then leave a comment and share your setup with other readers. Enjoy your new toy!

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