Manjaro Gnome Edition

Manjaro is an Arch-based Linux distribution that excels in ease of installation and compatibility with graphics-intensive tasks like Blender and Automatic1111. Its user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience while delivering high performance. Many users find themselves preferring Manjaro over Ubuntu as they become more familiar with its features and benefits.

Quick Fixes

How to enable webp

WebP is an image format developed by Google that offers better compression and quality compared to traditional formats like JPEG or PNG. By following these steps, you can enjoy faster loading times for images on the web and improved overall performance of your browser.

To enable webp support, issue this command in the terminal:

Log out. After logging in, you will be able to see and work with webp images.

TimeShift is not creating snapshots

Yesterday, we installed Manjaro Gnome Edition, updated the system and noticed that TimeShift is not creating the 3 daily snapshots we configured. Here is how we fixed the issue. Enter the following commands into the terminal:

We delayed posting this fix until we saw that it is working and now that it does, we conclude that for some reason, the cron job needed to be started manually. (See image below)

manjaro timeshift not starting fix solution cronie
Manjaro TimeShift not creating snapshots fixed

How to turn off Gnome Night Light on login screen

If you don’t use Night Light (Gnome Settings > Displays > Night Light) you can simply turn it off. There seems to be a bug in Gnome that keeps this feature on during login. To fix that, issue this command in the terminal:

How to automatically mount secondary internal hard drive

Manjaro, by default, requires a password to mount additional internal hard drives. To automatically mount a hard drive or specific partition at boot, follow these steps:

  1. Open Gnome Disk.
  2. Select the desired hard drive (and partition if applicable).
  3. Click on the small cog wheel ⚙ to open the pop-up window.
  4. In the pop-up window, select “Edit Mount Options”.
  5. A new window will appear; uncheck “User Session Default” (the top option).
  6. Restart Manjaro for the changes to take effect.
  7. After rebooting, your secondary hard drive should automatically mount without requiring an admin password during user sessions.

Because of features like this one, Gnome is the only desktop environment DE we use.

How to remove Manjaro’s green custom theming

Manjaro is a very good Linux distribution, but the green theme doesn’t fit well with our other machines running vanilla Gnome. However, there is a fix which requires installing an app that will undo the customizations. To get started, type the following command into the terminal:

Once installed, you can double-tap the Windows key and select the cleanup-manjaro-gnome icon the same way as you would start other applications that are not in your dock. Log out or reboot when done. Use Tweaks to select the default Gnome theme.

To uninstall, simply issue: pamac remove manjaro-gnome-vanilla

Suggestion: To give your PC a professional look, install the Kora icon theme
Our favorite is Kora-grey

How to remove the green Manjaro theme from terminal

Manjaro can be a very good and stable Linux distribution but the green theme and kitschy icons are not my thing. Therefore, used nano to open: /usr/share/zsh/p10k.zsh and place # symbols in front of:

  1. os_icon
  2. dir
  3. vcs

Lastly, I removed the # symbol for prompt_char. See image below.

How to remove Manjaro terminal green theme

How to enable video recording (print screen)

If you’re unable to see the video recording option when taking screenshots using Gnome, follow these steps:

  • Open your terminal application
  • Input and execute the following commands with administrative privileges:

After installing these packages, log out of your current session or reboot your system for the changes to take effect. Upon logging back in, you should now have the ability to record videos using Gnome’s screenshot tool.

Manjaro Timeline

A timeline of Manjaro Gnome Edition issues