google new wordpress site indexing

How long does Google take to index new WordPress site

Break-down of Google’s indexing timeline

About 30 days have gone by since the creation As of today, July 13, a total of 15 blog posts are now online and Google has still not indexed them. Google also updated the site cache so I am hopeful that they will crawl the blog posts next.

Google webmaster tools shows the following stats for our Fedorum website. Note that the clicks are my own as I am checking layout tweaks and changes.

google new wordpress site indexing
After 30 days, only my own clicks show

Now that most of the website has been indexed by Google, I am happy to report that it took online one day to index the latest blog post which covers the topic of downloading and installing Unreal Engine 5 on Fedora Linux.

Does Google index a site faster if a WordPress site is well made

Let’s determine the quality of the WordPress site structure. To see this data, I go to and enter the root URL
After a few seconds, the script has finished and GTmetrix issues a report.
Here is an image of the GTmetrix output as of today, July 11, 2022.

GTmetrix statistics as of July 11, 2022

Based on the above grade of 100%, the site structure is not preventing Google from indexing Let’s continue and find out what Google knows about Fedorum.

To see which links have been indexed, I enter “ into Firefox’s search bar. One month after publishing, Google has only indexed the main index page plus the less important staff page. So far, none of the blog posts have been indexed. Even verifying the domain and submitting a sitemap to the Google Search Console has not made a difference.

Are the blog posts unique enough and of interest?

The blog posts all have a specific key phrases which are unique enough and should show favorably in searches. Many people who bought an ASUS Zephyrus gaming laptop wonder if Linux can be installed and with unique blog titles, Google should eventually show those posts. I will keep measuring and update this blog post so that others how experience the same delay with google indexing have statistics to compare.

The table below shows dates and the progress or lack thereof when the blog posts are indexed. To see this information, I use “” and

July 11This is Google’s cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 3 Jul 2022 14:19:20 GMT. 
July 12None of the blog posts have been indexed by Bing or DuckDuckGo. Searching with DuckDuckGo does not list and fills the rest of the page with random results, not related to the word fedorum.
July 13This is Google’s cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 3 Jul 2022 14:19:20 GMT. 
July 16This is Google’s cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 16 Jul 2022 07:22:52 GMT. 
July 16Just a few hours after I checked, Google has indexed the first three of 16 blog posts. Things are going in the right direction.
July 17As of today, Google indexes 7 blog posts and three pages on
In addition, the search snipped has updated as well and shows the new tag line “Linux Tutorials for Windows users”.
This table was created on July 11, 2022

The importance of submitting a sitemap to Google

SEO Experts always state the importance of submitting a sitemap to Google. The sitemap for is split into two parts.

  • page-sitemap.xml
  • post-sitemap.xml

Google Search Console shows that both sitemaps have been submitted successfully and were last updated on July 13. I will check for the next 10 days and update this post to see if things improve (or not).

All blog posts have favorable SEO scores

Yes. As shown in the image below, each article uses best practices when it comes to search engine optimization.

wordpress seo score google indexing
Here is a sample of how the SEO score but still no indexing by Google.


Some websites get indexed really quick while others have to wait for weeks. If your website is not getting indexed then you should check the status of your site regularly with:


Submitting an xml sitemap is crucial and doing so will give you enough data to analyze and learn form. If you are impacted by slow Google website indexing then I would appreciate it if you leave a comment with your experience. The more of us share data, the better we understand Google’s indexing timeline.

I look forward hearing from you because when I do, this blog post has been indexed and found by you.
Thank you for your time.

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