fedora silverblue not updating

Fedora Silverblue is not applying the latest updates

Several days ago, Fedora Silverblue has stopped updating. Gnome Software shows updates but upon rebooting, the updates do not get applied. The same happens when I use the terminal. Unfortunately, there is an issue as shown by the terminal output.

Version: 36.20220814.0 (2022-08-14T02:13:18Z)
Commit: 4ca473e8e8a71747f214e8c1a8ec66fbeaae5f71bf3cd5fdec1932f0d2268e9e
GPGSignature: Valid signature by 53DED2CB922D8B8D9E63FD18999F7CBF38AB71F4
SecAdvisories: 1 unknown severity, 2 moderate, 1 important
Diff: 46 upgraded

Regular Fedora 36 updates work fine

fedora silverblue not updating

All of our workstations run Fedora and do update as expected. This means that the issue is specific to Silverblue. For now, I have decided to simply remove Silverblue as there is not enough information to troubleshoot this issue. All I know is that I am using an operating system which can’t update and thus is of no use. Ever since retbleed made mitigation necessary, I have moved the critical services to a new machine which is not affected.

Because of a heavy work load, I will remove Fedora Silverblue and install Workstation 36. Besides the update issue, there are additional reasons for me to do so. Silverblue uses mostly Flatpaks which get a lot of praise. While I agree with the format, I am not a fan of installing hundreds of megabytes over and over.

My preferred solution is to set up each computer for the task it is used for. I only need Blender on two machines. The web server is only running on one PC and my internet webdesign workstation runs two browsers, VS Codium and GIMP. Before deleting Silverblue, I moved Thunderbird to a different computer and thanks to the latest Beta 104 Appimage, the process was easy. Export settings, import settings, done.

Fedora Silverblue – final thoughts

All of our Fedora Workstations are rock solid. Everything just works and the opensource software we use performs exceptionally well. We don’t have issues. If it weren’t for the last few days of Silverblue not updating, I would have kept using it. As always, Linux has weak documentation and the Silverblue discussion forum doesn’t seem to offer any help yet but I think that this will soon change.

If you have solved the update issue then leave a comment. I will install Silverblue again so it would be good to learn how to fix this issue. Thank you for reading.

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  1. I found this in GitHub and it fixes issue:

    sudo find /boot/efi -exec touch ‘{}’ ‘;’
    rpm-ostree upgrade
    sudo ostree admin finalize-staged
    systemctl reboot

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