Easy Projects to Help You Get Good at Using Linux

While numerous YouTube channels and blogs rave about the greatness of Linux, they often focus more on its praise than providing practical guidance on how to use it effectively. Fedorum distinguishes itself by prioritizing hands-on assistance over convincing users of Linux’s merits. We believe that you should form your own opinion about Linux’s value and instead concentrate on empowering you with the skills needed for a seamless Linux experience.

Project Categories

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Learn how to install and configure some of the best free AI apps locally on your computer.
    GPT4All, Automatic1111, Pinokio
  • Web & Graphics Design
    Master HTML5, CSS, and WordPress to create captivating websites.
    Software used: VSCodium, GPT4All, Gimp, Automatic1111, *Gnome Files
  • Video Editing
    Whether it’s for your own YouTube channel or other projects, learning how to edit videos is a valuable skill.
    Software used: OBS Studio, Shotcut, Audacity, HandBrake, Gimp
  • Python Programming
    Start your coding journey with Python and PHP, advancing at your own pace.
    Software used: VSCodium, GPT4All, Meld
  • System Administration
    Learn the ins and outs of Linux system administration to keep your system running smoothly. We not only teach you what to do but more importantly, what not to do.
    Software used: Gnome Terminal, Nano, GPT4All, Virtual Machines

*Ubuntu users can install all of the above mentioned software from the App Center.
Windows users can install VSCodium here and Gimp for Windows is available here

Let’s Begin

Ideally, using Ubuntu for our hands-on projects offers the most optimal experience; however, other Linux distributions can also be used. If Linux is currently unavailable to you, Windows 10 or 11 will work as well. Just ensure that you install the free open-source software we use for these projects on your chosen operating system. Download links will be provided on a project basis.