zephyrus g15 laptop cooling stand

I found the best stand for a Zephyrus G15 laptop

Lifting up the Zephyrs gaming laptop improves airflow and helps to lower the operating temperature

Gaming laptops can run very hot and the high-end Asus Zephyrus G15 is no exception. I don’t game but still stress the CPU and GPU by using the Unreal Engine 5 on Fedora 36. Due to clever hinge design, the Zephyrus laptop creates a small lift when opening the lid. The gap is good but still too small which is why I decided to look for a stand that provides additional cooling.

I found a lot of different laptop stands on Amazon but most covered the bottom portion which would not help my cooling issue. Eventually, I found the perfect little stand which Amazon delivered the next day. As soon as I placed the laptop on the stand, I loved it even more. Because of the perfect fit, I gave it a well-deserved 5 star rating.

best zephyrus laptop stand
The Ugreen laptop stand is a perfect fit for the Zephyrus G15

The perfect laptop stand

Adding this stand makes using the laptop comfortable and there is nothing left that I can improve. The minimalist design is really sturdy and costs only CAN $20.99 on amazon.ca
The width of the stand does not cover the bottom case fans and provides a steady base.

The small footprint provides maximum air flow as shown in the above drawing. In addition, the stand allows me to rotate the laptop which improves the viewing angle. The layout shown below is my favorite work space for web and graphics design.

zephyrus g15 laptop cooling stand
The Zephyrus G15 fits perfectly fine next to the dual monitor setup

I installed Fedora Workstation 36 on my Zephyrus G15 and this is how I use it ever since. When rendering with Blender, the additional air flow noticeably reduces the operating temperature. The RTX 3080 rarely ever goes above 80 degrees and while not rendering, the fans stay quiet.

If you worry about heat issues the check out the Ugreen laptop stand. I am not an amazon affiliate and do not get paid for recommending this product. I simply mentioned it because of how well the Zephyrus G15 fits on it.
Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy your Zephyrus to the fullest.

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