Fedorum is shutting down

Linux Concepts for Startups & Workflows for Creative Individuals

Unfortunately, we’ve reached an unexpected turning point in Fedorum’s journey. Despite our best efforts, Google has stopped indexing our website due to a mysterious issue related to a deleted “ghost” YouTube channel. As a result, our online presence and visibility have been severely impacted, making it challenging for us to reach the very community we’re passionate about serving – Linux enthusiasts and startups. With no impressions or engagement, it’s become unsustainable for us to dedicate time and resources to maintaining this valuable resource. Therefore, with a heavy heart, we’ve made the difficult decision to cease operations on July 6th. While our website will be shutting down, we remain committed to supporting local startups in any way we can.

fedorum.com is shutting down

Curated Linux Distributions and the Best Free Open Source Software

At Fedorum, we’re passionate about empowering startups and creative individuals to unlock the potential of Linux for their businesses. Whether you’re a one-person web design company or part of a larger team working on an innovative project, our platform is designed to provide valuable insights that will save time and resources. By now, you have likely researched Linux and are ready to harness its benefits for your startup.

To help you choose the most suitable distribution based on your business type, we recommend the following options:

By selecting the appropriate distribution, you can streamline your workflows with pre-installed applications tailored to your industry’s needs. This will not only save time but also allow for a more efficient and cost-effective use of resources in the long run.

Manjaro linux gnome desktop screenshot
Actual screenshot of the Gnome Desktop Environment

Supported Distributions

At Fedorum, we understand that choosing the right Linux distribution for your startup can be overwhelming. To help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and requirements, we have compiled a list of our top recommendations along with their key advantages.

  1. Ubuntu
    Speed, stability, and frequent updates
    Large user base and vast community support
  2. Manjaro
    Similar to Ubuntu in terms of speed and stability
    Newer software versions by default
  3. Fedora
    Cutting-edge software and impressive stability
    Extensive repository for developers who want to stay up-to-date with technology trends
  4. OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
    Rolling release distribution, ensuring access to the latest features and bug fixes while maintaining reliability
  5. Debian
    Incredible stability at the cost of running older software
  6. Proxmox
    Ideal for hosting multiple websites locally or managing virtual machines (VMs)

When choosing a distribution, consider factors such as software requirements, hardware capabilities, ease of use, community support, and your specific startup needs. We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision for your business’s success!