About Fedorum

Fedorum is a website dedicated to the Fedora Linux operating system by RedHat Inc.
Fedorum is NOT a spin based on Fedora. Besides Fedora Workstation, no other Linux distribution will be covered with the exception of Fedora Silverblue.

Why Fedora

There are many Linux distributions just like the supermarket has a long isle of soft drinks. If you look closely, you’ll notice right away that Coca-Cola and/or Pepsi take up the most space on the shelf. The same principal can be applied to Linux as well. There are a handful of distributions which have risen to the top but here at fedorum.com, the preferred distribution is Fedora because:

  • Fedora is stable
  • Fedora is secure
  • Fedora is up to date
  • Fedora is easy to maintain

Above all, Fedora is a powerful operating system which can run a wide range of professional software. We actually use each title listed below and now share our 20+ years of experience so that you can save time and frustration. Do you want to write an Ebook or texture a 3D model or even 3D print a custom part? GNU/Linux is a solution which helps you achieve your goals while respecting your privacy.
Here is a small assortment that will start you off in the right direction.

  • 2D artwork with GIMP
  • 3D modeling with Blender
  • Audio production with Reaper and MuseScore
  • Video production with Shotcut
  • CAD with FreeCAD
  • Programming with Python, PHP and JavaScript
  • Publishing with LibreOffice
  • Web design HTML5, CSS frameworks and WordPress

Suggested reading: Why Linux and why Fedora

Need a website?

Fedorum provides WordPress, Drupal or HTML frameworks with custom CSS scripting like, for example, this page your are viewing right now. a
Prices start at only CAN$ 149.00 for this template.

  • Domain name registration
  • Hosting consulting
  • Web server configuration
  • Custom WordPress templates
  • Low cost maintenance packages

Fedora hardware

Online forums are full of posts documenting issues which can all be avoided by using the right hardware. The GNU/Linux operating system works on almost any PC and laptop but some brands are more compatible than others. If you are in the process of updating your hardware then we recommend DELL. We use DELL gaming computers for graphics design and small DELL Precision workstations for programming and web design. DELL’s small form factor Optiplex line is ideal for office tasks and running day-to-day operations for our startup.

Please have a loot at the Fedorum blog articles which cover specific tasks and the Fedora operating system in much more detail.

Upcoming content

Fedorum (the website) is just a few days old and right now, we are in the process of producing YouTube video tutorials to complement the blog articles. Verifying our YouTube channel takes time but we are on schedule to be up and running by mid July. Thank you for visiting Fedorum today!